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My Story

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From a very young age, I have liked crafts, a taste inherited by my mother. Already in my youth, I took classes in tailoring and haute couture, but I still liked making small garments for girls and boys, especially for dolls. These classes helped me gain better knowledge about cutting and making, improving the quality and taught me the importance of making them unique so each one would have my "stamp" on them.

I brought together my children and formed a group of girls to whom I taught craft and sewing classes for 1 year. However, due to the illness of one of them, I was forced to abandon my passion for approximately 10 years. Later, pursuing my passion for dolls for both economic and emotional reasons, I started selling them online. With acquaintances, I formed my virtual store, and last year I started to try to sell in bazaars. Several denied me entry because for them fabrics, lace, and ribbons aren't true crafts, not like what they do. But with time they gave me space and from then on I began to be well known for what I do.


Working with me, there is only my mother who is the one who helps me fill the dolls, and I'm am grateful for her unconditional support in raising my son.

In addition to the dolls I usually make, I also make custom dolls to the client's taste. I have worked a lot for psychology patients who work to access the inner child. Using photos and personal data of the client I can elaborate on the body, clothes, accessories, and even pets or toys. These dolls are not published on my pages out of respect for the client but if I ask permission to show the work in a photo with the comparison I am allowed to with the client's permission. 

Another type of personalized doll is the type that is requested by professionals without special peculiarities, except that it be a nurse, a quinceañera, a baby with christening dresses, etc.
All my dolls are made by hand, with a homemade sewing machine, made with an excellent quality natural blanket, cotton fabric clothes, lace and ribbons, and accessories of good quality,  making my product authentic to Mexico and to my heritage. Something that is very important to me is the quality control of the dolls, I am interested in giving the client something that I would be willing to buy and I am proud of.


Nilda Muñoz

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