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Cristina Barreto has more than 3 years working and living in the Ribera, in 2020 she opened her own office MOJO DENTAL, where she attends with charisma and honesty, two of her characteristics.

Cristina Barreto lleva más de 3 años trabajando y viviendo en la Ribera, en el 2020 logra abrir su consultorio propio MOJO DENTAL, para dar atención dental con carisma y honestidad, dos virtudes que la caracterizan. 

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We offer general dentistry services and dental specialties by programmed appointment, in any of your appointments you can ask our IV sedation, you can be resting meanwhile we are working on the smile that you want.

Ofreciendo servicios de odontología general y por especialistas en citas programadas, en cualquiera de tus citas tienes la opción de pedir el servicio de una sedación para que descanses mientras trabajan en que tengas la sonrisa que siempre haz querido.

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Pauline Lacovara

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Pauline Lacovara.  I'm a retired nurse from the United States I came to Mexico to explore options for living here and explore options for dental work, which I needed quite badly.  I settled here in the Lake Chapala area, and I fell in love with the area quickly.


I had done my due diligence before coming here.  Especially my dental options.  I joined groups and asked many questions, especially for dental care.  Boy oh boy, the recommendations were many, and I opted to see the most popular.  I had my dental work done, to dentures made and I was on my way.  My dentures never fit correctly, but I had to return to the states.  I was so happy to be able to smile, and when I saw my biggest critic, my mom, I flashed my bright new smile.  Wow!  She told me not to smile so big.  What???  Before returning to Mexico, I was staying with some friends.  I had eaten dinner, but ended up taking my dentures out and sat them on the table.  Did I mention a big dog that loves me very much?  Yup, he loved my dentures too.  Watch out Mexico!  I'm coming back with no teeth.


I discovered a dental office, near the stores I frequented.  I went into a very clean, modern, friendly office and made an appointment.  I am sure glad I did.  I met Dra. Christina.  Outgoing, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional.  And a perfectionist to boot.  She measured, took pictures, and gave me a brand new smile, of which I am very very proud.  I cried, my mom cried when she saw the pictures of my new smile.


I have recommended Dra. Cristina to many people.  Some for just cleanings, others for more extensive work, and they all, without complaints, have been very happy to be cared for by her.


Did I mention, I hate dentists, but I love Dra. Cristina.

I highly recommend her, both personally and professionally.




Pauline Lacovara

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