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Professional massages in the Rivera de Chapala, home massages in the Rivera de Chapala, and the surrounding area. Massage and relaxation services are given in the comfort of your home with aromatherapy and all the necessary material to provide you relaxation through our professional service.

The services we offer are...

  • Foot reflexology

  • Relaxing massage

  • Holistic Massage

  • Hot stone massage

  • Lymphatic drainage massage

  • Hawaiian massage



Pre and post-surgical treatments with ultrasound Body treatment a complete body exfoliation followed by a nutrient-rich body mask for the skin and to finish pore sealing using natural products.

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The Massage

In our culture, many of us do not yet understand the benefits of massage for the body and mind.

In other cultures, it is so high that it is considered part of daily life.

It is not uncommon for the massage to be rooted in the medical cultures of peoples: the instinctive act of any person is to rub himself when he has suffered a blow or feels pain.


But since we humans seem to need variety and labels, a long list of names has been coined to define what a massage is basically:


7 relaxing









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And More

The body, as it is well known, is a refuge of emotions; even more, a temple where memory is housed, with its load of enjoyment and tension.

In Hawaii, it is part of the culture to undergo a Lomilomi session, a technique with which the masseuse gently runs his arms and palms over the entire body to the rhythm of Hawaiian music. It removes tension and relieves contractures, harmonizes the body, and relaxes the mind. Although massage spaces meet everywhere, in Japan shiatsu (strictly called Zen Shiatsu) and in Chinese massage tui na, which uses similar techniques. They press with their fingers on the acupuncture points to channel the ki (vital energy). The same happens with Ayurvedic massage from the Hindu tradition or the so-called Thai massage. Japanese masseurs say that deficiencies in the flow of ki throughout the body translate into states of tiredness, physical pain, depression, emotional changes, stiffness, and headaches. The word Shiatsu comes from the Japanese words shi which means "finger" and atsu which means "pressure". It consists of applying pressures of different degrees on the body, in which both the hands and the thumbs, elbows, forearms, knees, and feet are used. It is delivered in a combination of techniques including stretching, pressing of the palms, fingers, forearms or elbows, and joint rotations. In the West we find some other techniques, coming from the same eastern cultural roots, but modified and developed to the rhythm of life and activities of today. 


Circulatory stimulating massage seeks to improve venous circulation. Although it is considered a therapeutic massage, it helps to recover from leg pain after long walks. The same happens with relaxing massages that seek to decrease muscle tone, through non-aggressive contact with the tired muscle. Toning massages, meanwhile, restore energy flow. This type of massage, while not intended to calm an occasional pain, instead seeks to transport the receiver to a state of serenity. 


Massage slows breathing, relaxes muscles, and decreases hormone secretion (adrenaline and cortisol). Physical contact provides a sensation of pleasure that stimulates the release of endorphins (called pleasure hormones) that help improve mood, raise self-esteem, and nullify the effects of stress. If we combine this technique with suitable products, such as creams that increase temperature, specific essential oils, and oils prepared for certain purposes, we will make our client feel that he has found what he was looking for, whether it is aesthetic, harmonization or relaxation. In short, MASSAGE acts on the nerves, reducing tension and helping to give positive information to all systems, that is, a massage improves our quality of life in all aspects.


I invite you to participate in this wonderful experience, pamper your body, relax your spirit, take care of yourself ...

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